FORM UVC Solutions and Applications


The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, which has affected the whole world and has become the number one agenda item in Turkey, affects every aspect of life and changes all balances.

New definitions will come in the air conditioning of indoor environments such as hospitals, factories, chain stores, shopping malls, cinemas, cultural centers, where people are together and where there is constant circulation.

Regardless of the outside weather conditions, the importance of technical details in indoor air quality has increased even more. As FORM, we offer you permanent solutions with ultraviolet ray technologies. We have engineering studies and solutions in the ventilation systems (rooftop, air handling units, heat pumps, fcu, air conditioners, ducts).


On Existing Devices

  • The application in the device is; an open cycle, that is, systems in which the indoor air is changed by passing it through a heat exchanger outside the environment (air conditioning unit, rooftop, etc.).
  • Our application is made over the air channels.


Your New Device Orders

  • We offer our solutions as accessories for your new device orders.